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Technical Committee 9.2 (TC 9.2) is concerned with industrial air conditioning applications, including process air conditioning, nuclear facilities, engine test facilities, photographic material facilities, printing plants, textile plants, waste disposal plants, power plants, paper production facilities, and underground mines.

The Nuclear Subcommittee address design related issues associated with Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Facilities process nuclear materials.
Current Leadership Team
Chair: Ms. Eileen Jensen, PE
Vice Chair: Mr. Kevin Marple
Secretary: Ms. Paula A Hernandez, ING
Subcommittees & Responsibilities
Nuclear Subcommittee: Mr. Doug Abramson is responsible for coordinating the HVAC and filtration issues associates with nuclear power plants and nuclear facilities.
Handbook Subcommittee: Mr. Mike Conner is responsible for managing revisions and updates to various chapters in the Applications Handbook.
Programs Subcommittee: Mr. Vinod P Gupta, PE, coordinates the various technical programs sponsored by the Industrial Air Conditioning Committee.
Research Subcommittee: Ms. Eileen Jensen, PE, coordinates the research activities and provides updates on ASHRAE Research activities.
Standards Subcommittee: Mr. Dipankar 'Deep' Ghosh coordinates Standards issues of the committee and collaborates with ASHRAE’s Standards Committee.
Committee Webmaster: Mr. Mike Baucom collaborates with various members of the committee and ASHRAE Management to maintain the website.
Leadership & Participation Opportunities

Eileen Jensen

Our current Chair, Ms. Eileen Jensen, PE, was appointed in 2015 by past Chair Mr. Mike Baucom, and is now serving her first two year term. Her background is in substation design and her current focus is on standards.  She emphasizes a high level of participation in an open and collaborative working environment, and is currently seeking enthusiastic new members to enhance our Committee's capabilities.

As Chair Elect, Mr. Kevin Marple will serve as Vice Chair and E-Chair.

All guests are encouraged to introduce themselves to Eileen and Kevin and be sure their name is entered onto the meeting attendance list.  If you have expertise in our areas of concern, an interest in participation and a desire to actively support our efforts to promote safe, clean and efficient industrial workspaces, please use the e-mail link below to express your qualifications, ask any questions and submit a request for membership in our Committee.

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